Here's a great website filled with strategies for including students with autism in the general education classroom.

From Donna Williams, January 18, 2010.
I highly recommend watching these movies to learn about Autism and Body Disconnectedness.
Donna is an amazing woman who lives in Australia and has autism.

Hi Folks,
I've got 2 pay per view lectures up on Autism Hangout you might find of interest.
They were made for Rita Rubin's LA audience when I was unable to make it because immune deficiency and pneumonia complications meant I couldn't fly. I've made the lectures only $10 so they are affordable and accessible, particularly to those who can't normally afford the time, travel or expense of attending conferences.

You can view them here:
'Meaning Deafness, Meaning Blindness, Body Disconnectedness; agnosias in the context of autism'
'Meaning Deafness, Meaning Blindness, Body Disconnectedness'

'Navigating Involuntary and Managing Voluntary Behaviours on the Autism Spectrum'
'Navigating Involuntary and Managing Voluntary Behaviors

Hope you find them useful.
Donna *)